Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas 2020

Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas 2020

Kitchen is one of the most important section in every single house and any matter of its’ design might be one of the most important issues for family members!
Getting useful information and using appropriate hardware for every corner of kitchen is essential to have a good and functional kitchen design.

Cooktop, Fridge and Sink are three main and important items in any kitchen and the location of these three must have harmony with each other. Otherwise the visual attraction and functionality of the kitchen would be decreased significantly.  

Location of Three main items in the kitchen design

Cooktop, Sink and Fridge are three elements which are used in any kitchen, doesn’t matter it is small or big kitchen!
These items should be placed like a triangle in the kitchen. It means if there were imaginary connection lines among these items, they should be like triangle. Therefore putting all these appliances in a straight line is not recommended and it brings down the functionality in your kitchen.

 Paying attention to gaps and making enough space in the kitchen

Another important element in kitchen design is the gap between the items in the kitchen, specially when there is an island in the open kitchen design .
The island and its chairs should be placed with the predefined distance, therefore, there would be at least a gap around a meter from the cabinets and Island. In this way people can move around to do other things easily.

Also the color which use for cabinets, curtains, tables, chairs, appliances, suitable light, even the location of smallest objects in the kitchen, all follow special rules and principles .

Dealing with all these subjects are beyond the scope of this article and each one has much more details descriptions which will coming in the next articles.


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