Contemporary Design

Contemporary Design 

Contemporary design created by European designers in the middle of 20th century with the aim of improving functionality and efficiency. Contemporary design offers a minimalist yet modern style to your kitchen delivering optimum performance. Common materials used in a contemporary kitchen include stainless steel, concrete, glass, laminate and chrome mixed with bold colors.

What is Special about Contemporary Design?

Unlike other designs, contemporary design is an evolutionary and dynamic one, meaning that the features and characteristics will be updated and change in time. That’s why it is called contemporary which means “at/of the moment”.

In addition, choosing the appropriate appliances for your contemporary kitchen is relatively easy since a number of manufacturers produce high quality contemporary components.

Finally, you can substantially integrate your ideal kitchen ideas into this type or design as contemporary kitchens are a highly flexible and customisable which easily lends itself to your own preferences. 

Characteristics of Contemporary Design:

  1. Highly functional and modern incorporating traditional features
  2. Mixture of stainless steel and white material
  3. No door frames are shown
  4. You will find a lot of geometric shapes, such as rectangles, squares, triangles with horizontal lines
    1. Natural materials such as wood and glass are commonly used. For instance, wood flooring or cabinets, granite benchtops, and glass shelves and bench tops.

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