Interior Design for Offices

Interior Design For Offices

Interior Design for Offices

There are two methods for office design:

  • Open-Plan office

  • Closed-Plan office

Open-plan office which is a new method nowadays, includes creating fewer walls and more open work spaces. One of the benefits of this innovating way of designing is facilitating more accessibility of employees to each other, increasing control of managers over them and providing friendlier and more intimate environment.

Lighting for Office Spaces

If your office doesn’t have enough natural light, you have to consider artificial lighting seriously.

Lighting in office decoration is generally divided into four categories:

  1. General lighting which lights the whole place.
  2. Focused lighting that emphasises a part or an object for more attention.
  3. Task lighting which is using for work spaces
  4. Embellished lighting that is used for adorning various parts of the workplace.

Lighting in a large working space should be smartly design somehow to have the same light in all working sections equally. The priority in big spaces with wide depth is the center of it to make sure there will be good lighting as these parts are far from windows.

Another thing that should be considered in open- plan office lighting is installing lamps ought not to be directly towards employees and staff’s eyes.

Lighting on façade of buildings for companies can show advertising and exhibitionary aspects of the organisation to the public. For instance, towers and high rise buildings which are on main streets, can be lighted from the bottom parts of building to capture people’s attention easily.

An advantage of lighting in office decoration is the ability to magnify or minimise objects in the surroundings by light. Showing an object or place shorter or longer is another feature of this art.

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