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Shop Fittings


Shop Fittings

The decoration of the shop may be as important as the variety and quality of the goods sold in that shop. That is better to examine this issue by taking into consideration the following information.

Statistics show that many people, because of the design and decor design of a stationery store, start buying products that they really do not need. The more attractive design will turn you into a professional in your field.

For instance, The cosmetics store is also one of those places where the more beautiful and specially designed it is, the more its customers feel safe to buy from there.

One if the most important factor in designing a shop is the colouring. In order to know the best colour for the decor of the shop, it is better to get information about the psychology of colours.

Or, If the shop is very small, we can create special effects by using some ideas in the same small environment.

An attractive showcase acts as an invitation to customers which leads them into the shop without them noticing.

The more attractive the interior design of any shop, such as a clothing store (boutique), the more people like to stay there and spend more time visiting your goods or services. The interior decoration of the shop has a great impact on its popularity and the creation of regular customers as well as high sales. In general, it is possible to do something special and interesting at a very low cost, just to be an idea maker and be creative.

The role of showcase in shop decoration design

Showcase is the factor that determines whether a customer will come into your store or not. Customers based on the items they see behind the window, they will decide whether they like all the items in your shop. Therefore, it is better to always be aware of the general taste and what customers are looking for.

Sometimes designing a beautiful and impressive decor for a showcase It has a greater effect on attracting customers than the interior decor of the shop.

Entrance design in shop decoration

It is the first part that the customer encounters and steps into. In fact, this is the first 5 to 15 steps of your shop, the size of which depends on the space of the shop. In fact, the entrance is the customer’s first encounter with the shop environment.

Use proper lamps and lighting

Colour, LCD screen ads work, It creates a mentality in both the value and cost of the shop in the customer’s mind. Since this is a passage for customers, you should try to get them into the store and not miss them.

Customer movement path design

The customer’s route will vary depending on the overall layout of the shop decoration. All you have to do is set the customer’s path by designing the shop décor.

Once you know which way your customer wants to go, you need to find a way to get the customer to visit other items. Design the route so that your products are as visible to customers as possible. This will increase the likelihood of a purchase. There is no definitive way to create a path And depending on the area and the map of the shop, several routes can be offered.

Divide the shop into sections and mark each section with a specific colour or item. The important point is that the decoration of the shop should be such that the customer walks the whole way.

One of the tricks is to put a special and attractive product at the end of the path To encourage the customer to go all the way.

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