The effect of colors in decoration

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The influence of color on interior design

Colors are one of the most important elements of interior design. The color of each room is chosen according to natural light, ambient lighting, exterior influences. Color is also a psychological factor that can completely affect mood and emotion of people who lives in that environment.

Bright colors vs. Dark colors

Using bright colors in the interior decoration would make your room looks bigger. Darker colors are not recommended for small spaces as it causes the room looks smaller. Mentally speaking, the emotion that comes from a bright environment is more pleasant than darker environment. Colors which include red, orange, yellow and their variations are warm color. They create the feeling of passion, happiness and energy. Red is a powerful color for design which draws attention to take any action. Be mindful that, using neutral colors such as white, black and gray without mixing them with red, blue or purple colors makes your space boring.

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Best colors for BEDROOM

Best colors for every places would be different and it depends on the nature of the space, you might have heard about the feeling which you could get from blue or green colors and their variations, we call them relaxing colors because they make you feel relaxed and calm, so It is a good idea to use such those colors for the bedroom.

Keep in mind the light green makes more relaxing mood and the dark green causes more depression, so it is not enough to know which color is appropriate, we have to know the exact shade of its darkness or lightness between too many variations which need to be discus with your expert interior designer.

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Best colors for LIVING ROOM

The living room is one of the most important part of the home which we have to pay attention to it when we choose a color because in addition to the use of individuals and family gatherings, it is also accommodate guests as well.It’s not a good idea to design a living room with just one color, but try to use a few different colors for this important part of the house to get the best results.

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Best colors for Bathroom

Since cleanliness is so important in bathrooms, using bright color which quickly shows stain and dirt is an ideal choice for bathrooms. But the use of white alone makes the environment monotonous. You can use light gray, brown, blue or green colors to suit your taste.

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