Tips for Designing Your Dream Bathroom

Bathroom design

Tips for Designing Your Dream Bathroom

Since bathrooms are less loved and almost ignored space in the house and people spend less time inside it, so some owners don’t care much about the design and fixtures in the bathrooms.

Also when we are going to renovate and doing few changes in the bathroom, we face with limited spaces, too many different tile options, too many fixture styles with many different colors and huge decorative elements which could be confusing to choose from and maybe prefer to give it up.

However we can’t deny good feelings and excitements when we are in a nice, beautiful and tidy bathroom.
Hence, we are going to introduce an easy way for choosing the color of bathroom that help you design this part of your house in a good way.


Following the (60-30-10)% rule:

The First Step (60%):

There are many different tiles, bathtubs, basins and decorative objects in shops but it’s hard and sometimes confusing to select the right color for bathroom area.
Due to this matter professional interior designers suggest to use the 60-30-10 rule to select colors easily.
According to this rule, It’s necessary to choose a color as a predominant color. It covers almost 60 percent of bathroom and the two other parts are often small parts.

Please note that dark color in small areas causes that area looks smaller so for tiny and small spaces it is better to choose the color in light or neutral or pastels for the 60% of dominate color.

The Second Step (30%):

30 percent of bathroom is covered by a secondary color that is similar to the predominant color tone. The secondary color often covers indoor or floor, bathtub or vanity. More

Bring it into consideration that It’s hard and expensive to change bathtub, tile and etc. so It’s better to choose neutral colors such as white, gray and cream colors which are always beautiful and fashionable.

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The Third Step (10%):

In the last stage of this rule, interior designers suggest use one or two attractive and happy colors for feature tiles, basin, liquid soap container, tissue holder and accent wall that occupies nearly ten percent of space in bathroom.

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