Two-story House Design

Modern Two-story House Design

One of the most beautiful design is two-story house decoration. Two-story houses are mostly bigger in size and being luxury is the main feature of this type of house. First is top floor which there are usually bedrooms, Bathrooms, Family room, TV room and office that required calm environment. Another floor is ground floor which is often used for living room, Dining room, kitchen, BBQ alfresco, Laundry and Guest bedroom. In two-story houses design, the type of stairs and its design is very critical and attract a lot of attention. Previously, villas and big houses were only built in two -story, but over the past few years, creative architects and designers could also use this style in apartment environments and not necessary very large spaces.

Two-story House Design and Modern apartment environment

   As mentioned above, the decoration of two-story houses is also being considered for small places which enables you can get the most out of small paces such as apartment. In apartment, two-story design makes the environment look attractive and fashionable. Architecture and design of two-story houses is generally costly, therefore it is important to consider choosing the best material. In two-story house design, you can use wooden and metal materials. Also, you can consider timber flooring and laminates for the house floor to create warm and friendly colors. Additionally, in order to have more harmony, you can use wooden materials with the same color as timber flooring in staircases.

Classic Style in Big Two-story Houses and Villas

   Number of published data shows that using classic style in large houses and villas is much more attractive than modern style. Staircase placement can be central and you can mount big and crystal chandeliers above it and also using banisters need to take place to have safety and a beautiful view.

Staircases, the Most Important Element in Two-story Houses Decoration

Stairs have much influence in designing two-story houses and the most essential component of these houses. Stairs attached to the wall on one side get the most out of space. Not only it takes up little room but also you can take the most advantage of this available space under stairs. For example, the space under stairs can be used as chest of drawers, hanging your clothes and as shoe rack, and for easy access to all necessary tools. If you are bookish and you have lots of books but you do not have enough space for a library, you can use the space under staircase to make a bookcase. This is a creative, smart and practical idea.

Wallpaper in Staircases

   In all houses, wallpapers create unique beauty but in this article we are going to deal with wallpapers which are stuck onto staircases wall. This space is usually small and limited. To create a more beautiful view, you can use colorful wallpapers with happy colors. Another unique feature you can create in staircases of two-story houses is using 3D brick wallpapers.  Appropriate lighting helps you have better view when you walk on the stairs at night.

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