What Is timber flooring and How to maintain it?

What Is timber flooring and How to maintain it?

Timber flooring is kind of flooring that is made of small wooden blocks and wooden layers and they are interlacing with each other in a way that they formed a regular or geometric pattern. A almost decade ago, the timber flooring was replaced with tiles so that it is also very common today.

Today, Timber flooring can be made of both one piece timber flooring and engineered timber flooring, although it’s mainly made of hundred percent one piece woods. One-piece timber flooring as its name implies, it’s made of natural pieces of wood but engineered timber flooring is made of different layers of types of wood, and the upper part is made of solid wood. It doesn’t matter which one you choose because both of them will be the same in terms of quality and appearance. Here, we are going to discuss different types of Timber flooring as detailed below;

Engineered Timber flooring 

Laminate flooring is new types of wood flooring. It was become well-known around the world because of high quality before becoming well-known in manufacturing markets. Every type of timber flooring tail is made of plywood and MDF.

Solid Timber flooring Flooring

In fact these types of timber flooring were the older types of timber flooring that they were less resistant than engineered flooring. Tail parts are made of oak or walnut. These boards of this type timber flooring have been sold in global trade for at least one hundred years. In addition to the type of wood used in timber flooring, there is also hard timber flooring that it’s more expensive and it is made of hardwood pieces. Therefore, buying a timber flooring panel that is more affordable and made of gluing hardwoods could be an alternative option. Depending on your budget, there is certainly some other kind of timber flooring that you can use.

How to Store Timber flooring 

Like the other hardwood timber flooring, storing timber flooring is not a perplexing task. You only need to vacuum your timber flooring every other day in order to have clean timber flooring. It’s good to clean it with a mop after a few days. It will remove the dust and residues and make it looks shiny, neat and tidy.

Type of Timber flooring  Pattern

There are four different types of timber flooring pattern as detailed blow:

Diamond Pattern

In this pattern, the square timber flooring is used and places in rectangular format.

Mosaic pattern

In this type of pattern, the timber flooring is installed side by side.

Brick Flooring Pattern

This is used for square timber flooring and timber flooring joints are not bind together. This will make the timber flooring more resistant and it protects rectangular edges of timber flooring, this pattern is not as strong as others. 

Clay pattern

This pattern is more suitable for rectangular timber flooring and also more popular than other patterns.

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